Sergio Mayer explodes against Natalia Téllez for the rude treatment she gave him in Netas Divinas

Sergio Mayer did not remain silent and exposed the mistreatment they gave him.

Sergio Mayer had a bitter pill to swallow on a television show.

Sergio Mayer is going through a bad streak since his departure from ‘The house of the famous’well His Garibaldi colleagues did not invite him to the group reunion and now He felt attacked in ‘Netas Divinas’.

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The leader of Team Infierno in ‘LCDLFM’ He came out with a “bad taste in his mouth” from the interview they did with him on the program ‘Netas Divinas’, on the channel unicable.

“I don’t remember well and I don’t want to make a mistake, who the hosts were, but the truth is, the vibe and the way in which they interviewed me, I didn’t like it at all.”

Without giving an exact date of when said broadcast will be broadcast, the actor mentioned that he even felt attacked by the way in which he was interviewed, specifically Natalia Tellez.

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“I would like you to watch the program and give me your opinion, I even felt a little aggression in the way and in the questions. Especially from Natalia (Téllez), I felt a very strange, very special vibe. I want her point of view because maybe it was my perception, but it is important that you give your opinion when you watch the program.”

“I don’t understand why they invited me, I tell you honestly and I tell it to the production of Michelangelo Fox“You know that I have a lot of love and respect for you, but the tones and the ways in which some of your drivers treated me were not cool at all,” he added.


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