Sergio Mayer’s daughter explodes against María José Suárez for calling her father sick and a stalker

Antonia Mayer did not save anything and exploded.

Antonia Mayer comes out in defense of her father after the abuse scandal against Nicola Porcella on LCDLFM.

Antonia Mayer exploded against those who have pointed to his dad, Sergio Mayer, “abuser” for what he did to Nicola Porcella in La Casa de los Famosos México.

Poncho de Nigris and Wendy Guevara were also involved in this controversy, so The boss clarified that they had to cut down on their practical jokes because the rules are respected in her house.

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Sergio Mayer’s daughter explodes against María José Suárez for calling her father sick and a stalker



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Several Internet users spoke about it, asking for the elimination of those involved, even, María José Suárez, wife of Mauricio Barcelata and friend of Nicola Porcellaraised his voice and called Sergio and Wendy “sick”qualifying his acts as a serious crime.

“It’s called education, it’s called bullying, it’s called harassment, and what do you think? Yes, it’s jail, no more, no more, what the… with your illness, are you bringing out the worst in you or have you been getting to know the real Sergio? , deputy? You and Wendy are very sick.”

Now the actress and model Antonia Mayer defended his father from the accusations that have been made against him and responded to Maria Jose Suarezthe wife of Mauricio Barcelata.

“They are social networks, they have to know that many things are taken out of context, and if they did not see what really happened, I invite them to watch the video. I mean, it really is very pissed off… people. Do you think that my dad is going to be showing his face in the last week? He would have taken her out years ago, he’s been on all the reality shows, that’s how my dad is, it’s not what they’re saying right now that he’s a rapist, an abuser… I invite María José, or that old woman. I don’t know who she is, to go and bite the c … I am here to defend my dad, to unmask all those haters, “said the daughter of Isabella Camil.


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