Sergio Mayer’s mother defends him from Bárbara Mori and assures that he is not an abuser of women

Sergio Mayer’s mother is very proud of her son, for her he is a born leader and she has shown it in The House of Famous Mexico. Exclusively, Mrs. Norma Bretón tells for the first time what Sergio was like as a child, talks about his family life, his daughter-in-law, his grandson and his granddaughters… but, above all, he defends Mayer, she raised him and assures that he is not a woman abuser. The lady reveals the real reason why the actor ended his relationship with Barbara Mori.

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Sergio Mayer’s mother defends him from Bárbara Mori and assures that he is not an abuser of women


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How do you feel about seeing your son in The House of Famous Mexico? I am very proud that my son is in La casa, he is being him, because he is funny, somewhat spicy, he loves to compete and I feel that he has done a very good job in Team Infierno, because we are all trapped with this program, there is no People who don’t talk about this reality show and this is thanks to the people who are in that room, who have gotten along so well, because it is a happy, supportive group that loves each other.

What do you think of having been saved on several occasions? Imagine, I feel very grateful for the people who have voted for him, since the first week he entered they have nominated and nominated him, but the people are the ones who decide and I am very grateful to the public that keeps him there.

Now that you went to the gala to support your son, what did you feel to see Ferka so close? When I saw her I felt like this (something inexplicable), I saw her where they were fixing us up and I told her: “oh Ferka…” but notice that everyone behaved very politely with me, maybe they put up with it and I thank them, really, because They didn’t give me a hard time. She (Ferka) seems like a good strategist to me, she plays her role well, she plays well, in addition to the fact that she has already been in other reality shows and has a lot of experience.


Madam, tell us about your son, how was his childhood? We lived in Iztapalapa, in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, and he was a leading child, a very good student, he never failed a year, but he was restless, he moved, but not in a bad way, he was always a very fighting and daring child, and so it goes on The teachers told me: “Ma’am, Sergio distracts everyone a lot; they are always there following him ”, since he was little he was already like that, he is clear, he has never been treacherous, what he thinks of you he tells you to your face, up front, he does not gossip.

Is it true that where they lived they charged his hand for being handsome? The neighbors didn’t like my sons very much because, to be honest, they did break hearts with the girls, they would cause a stir, and the kids in the neighborhood didn’t think so, I remember that the girls looked for them a lot, so they did have several little problems young for that reason.

Was he a womanizer? No, he’s quiet, having many girlfriends and not that.

What opinion does he deserve that he has married a socialite? Notice that even for that it is like that, imagine, having married a person like that, this woman liked her and fell in love with her, although her father (Issabela’s) did not agree with the relationship, but they fell in love and there they are, but yes It cost her her little job, don’t think she (fell) the first time, in fact, Issabela didn’t even know who my son was because she lived in the United States, she didn’t know who Sergio de Garibaldi was or anything; However, they saw each other and liked each other, but he never thought: “I’m going to marry her because she’s ‘so and so’”, not at all, he simply liked her to have a life as a couple, so they decided and so it was. Sergio loves her, respects her and they have been together for about 18 years now.

Do you get along with your daughter-in-law? Yes, she is a very intelligent person, a very correct, pretty girl, she has everything. I love her very, very much.


How is your relationship with your grandson Sergio Mayer Mori? I see him a little more than many people, right now he is in Colombia, he is a very lonely boy, he is not very familiar, he is more Mori than Mayer, I feel that way in his way of being and in everything I see him very similar to his mother, he is a boy very apart from us, but I love him with all my heart.

By the way, what do you think of the statements that Bárbara Mori made in an interview with Marimar Vega, in which she said that she was not happy with her son…? I have not seen that interview, but I think they lived a very beautiful time since there is a child involved and you do not have a child just for the sake of it, they lived together for five years and if they were not happy that is their problem, but From that time that they lived together, they had a son that I love, because he is one of my grandchildren and now he also gave me a daughter (Mila), my great-granddaughter, whom I love with all my heart.

Mrs. Pati Chapoy said that she witnessed episodes of mistreatment by Sergio of Bárbara, was this true? Oh no, what a horror, no, Sergio is not a batterer of women, not at all. I haven’t heard that, huh! My son has a woman he’s been with for 18 years, please, that’s not true. Now I’m going to tell you that Barbara told me one day: “I loved your son, I loved him, I had a son with him, but I’m not one to have a partner for life, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I fall out of love quickly , and I am very novice ”. Tell me, since she was with Sergio right now, how many boyfriends has she had? And my son has a wife and a stable family, so no. What happened is that she (Bárbara Mori) does not like Sergio’s life, she leads another life, her family, my grandson… they lead another life very different from Sergio’s, my son is correct, he is from a One piece, he doesn’t like things, that’s why they didn’t make a couple, but no, he’s not abusive at all.

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What did Barbara Mori say?

In 2020, in a live broadcast with Marimar Vega, Bárbara Mori talked about her separation from Sergio Mayer, with whom she had a son and lasted five years as a couple.

This was what he said:

• “I think there are awakenings in life of different kinds; I think my first awakening was when I separated from the father of my son…”.

• “I lived a life for five years that, that is, I lived under his orders, he has a very personality like that, so I was a girl totally lacking in love, completely insecure of myself and growing up in such an environment, I grew thinking that I was worthless, that I deserve nothing…”.

• “I was super unhappy. I fought for more years so that my son did not live the same thing that I lived: the separation of his parents. Until I realized that I was not going to be happy there and he saw me every day and I wanted (my son) to see me well.