Sergio, Paul and Emilio… Who was the fifth eliminated from The House of Famous Mexico

Emilio, Paul and Sergio fought to stay in the house of celebrities


The fifth elimination of The House of Famous Mexico arrived with an explosive shortlist. He was the first man to leave the reality show and with Team Infierno about to break ranks.

Prior to positioning, Galilea Montijo told everyone: “Middle of the game… Each argument, each word has to be solid. Each one of you plays a lot in each word and each action ”.

The last:

Claudia Martin and Hugo Catalan


Claudia Martín already talked about a wedding with Hugo Catalán and this is her plan for the future

Angela Aguilar


Ángela Aguilar: he is the NFL player, accused of violence, who would have made her fall in love

Who stood behind whom to ask to be removed?

Nobody got behind Emilio Osorio.

Behind Paul Stanley…

Appius told him: “Friend, I admire you, I respect you. I would not like you to leave, but I am Team Infierno”. Paul replied: “Thank you for being there, may that instinct take you to the best place.”

Nicola: “You are a great person.” Paul told her: “I love you. Believe it, you don’t need people to tell you.”

Wendy: “How strange, right. I love you very much. You know how I’m playing, nothing is personal.” Paul replied: “I love you very much. You’re a great person. Today, starting today, take care of yourself.”

Poncho: “You’re all mother, I don’t understand why you played like that, putting your chest out for whom, I can’t understand it”. Paul responded: “There are things I didn’t like, there are times you hang out with people who don’t let you shine.”

Behind Sergio Mayer…

Bárbara Torres “the first time I stopped here… today we said a lot of things to each other, a Sergio came out and said a word that cannot be said on TV. You told me you already got steep, I didn’t understand. And I remembered something my dad said to me ‘be wary of a man who assaults you in public and apologizes to you in private’. And that’s what you did. I trusted you and then you turned the tables. I know it’s a game, and you have your slogan ‘mind, heart and strength’, I know you handle characters… I know I have many ways of being, or characters, however you want to say it, I know I’m noble, I know you’re cunning , I know that you take away La Paz from me, I know that you have fun with it, I know that if you leave I will be calm. I know that if you stay we will continue playing”.

Sergio replied: “I don’t know what character he brings. You said you were learning, you learned sarcasm and manipulation, but all of that doesn’t work if you don’t have ethics or principles, because that’s what people rate, and you’re going to learn it next week.”

But Barbara refuted: “The one who has no ethics or principles is you. The one who attacked in public and apologized in private is you. And that is the basis of ethics, lies and deceit.

Jorge told Sergio: “Just like I had to tell you things that I didn’t like. I want to thank you for the different talks (in the suite). I want to thank you and that I have the cool talks and I want to thank you “. Sergio replied: “You are a great man, good luck does not last forever and maybe next week you will face reality.”

Barby told Mayer: “Vanity of vanities. Brother Sergio.” He replied: “You must be calm, because no matter who wins the leadership, they will save you because you are a good card for anyone.”

After the positionings, Paul Stanley said: “There was a lot of love in that positioning, I’m happy about it, in the end it was circumstances that put all those people behind me.”

Sergio Mayer opined: “It is unnecessary to clarify the issue of my ethics, the fact that she uses that I have come to embrace her, is her problem, the public knows how I came to comfort her. The fact that I clarify that is unnecessary. I am calm and satisfied”.