Several women reported being drugged during a party at the party of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (REUTERS / Christian Mang) (CHRISTIAN MANG /)

At least nine women who participated in a party of the German Social Democratic Party, in the presence of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, were drugged with so-called “rapist drugs”reported the SPD on Saturday.

“The emotion is quite great”indicated a spokesman for the Social Democratic parliamentary group, confirming information from the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel.

The Berlin police reported that was investigating serious bodily injury after a 21-year-old file a complaint against X.

“I advise everyone involved to file a complaint”also wrote on Twitter a person in charge of the parliamentary group, Katja Mast.

“We are all outraged and we will do everything in our power to shed light on this incredible event”Mast said.

So far they have been registered nine victims, but the spokesman for the parliamentary group does not rule out that more may appear.

Olaf Scholz with members of the SPD (REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke)
Olaf Scholz with members of the SPD (REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke) (HANNIBAL HANSCHKE /)

In an email addressed to the participants in this party, which took place on Wednesday near the chancellery, the SPD denounced “a monstrous act that was immediately reported by us to the Bundestag police.”

Near thousand people participated in the traditional party of the SPD before the summer parliamentary breakincluding the chancellor, a member of this formation, but also numerous deputies and their collaborators.

“Was a internal event. You could only enter by invitation.stressed the spokesman. “There is still a lot of uncertainty (about what happened), the police are investigating,” he added.

In a statement, the Berlin police, who mention only a “political party summer party”, She explained that she had been alerted by a 21-year-old girl who, the day after the event, had no recollection of what had happened the night before.

He went to the hospital for a medical examination and filed a complaint. During the party, the young woman, who had consumed food and non-alcoholic beverages, felt unwell, nauseated and dizzy.

Olaf Sholz arriving on the set of an interview (REUTERS/Christian Mang)
Olaf Sholz arriving on the set of an interview (REUTERS / Christian Mang) (CHRISTIAN MANG /)

Till the datethe police have reported four other cases.

The “rapist drugs”, which usually cause nausea and dizziness, refer to different psychotropic substances that are usually poured into people’s glasses to abuse them through violence, robbery or sexual assault.

Police repeatedly warn of the danger that criminals mix these substances into drinks at parties or clubs and rob or sexually assault victims. Investigations are often difficult because victims often do not remember what happened.

With information from AFP and EuropaPress

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