Sex disclosure ends in environmental pollution

A couple ended up contaminating a waterfall due to the revelation of their baby’s sex, now they will have to face charges

The revelations of the sex of the babies have become increasingly viral and in the fight of who did it better, things have become a bit out of the ordinary, as a couple has been the center of attention on social networks, since who made this announcement in the most epic way possible.

And it is that the arrival of a new member to the family is very exciting, that is why it must be celebrated in a big way, but do not overdo it! Well, these future parents decided to dye the water of a waterfall to announce the birth. of his son.

So now they are wanted by the Brazilian authorities to repair the environmental damage they caused and also receive the corresponding sanctions, since many people depended on this body of water to carry out their daily activities and even for some food.

In the clip you can see how a couple is under a waterfall in a tourist space in Brazil, and just when they are going to reveal the sex, a large amount of blue water appears, the parents of this future child are smiling and happy. , along with an arrangement of balloons, but later the smile left their faces, as they received many negative comments and even a lawsuit