Shaila Dúrcal, upset by the version of The Cat in the Rain that Ángela Aguilar recorded

Shaila Dúrcal reacted to the classic that Ángela Aguilar recorded about her mother, Rocío Dúrcal.

Shaila Dúrcal launched forceful statements against the version that Ángela Aguilar recorded of the song “La gata Beneath the Rain.”

Shaila Dúrcal, 44 years old, did not hold anything back when commenting on the recent adaptation he made Angela Aguilar from the famous song “Cat in the rain”that his mother, Rocio durcalrecorded in 1981.

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Ángela Aguilar and the American DJ of Japanese origin, Steve Aokithey decided to title their version: “Invite me a coffee”generating all kinds of comments on networks, some in favor and others against.

“I think they changed her name, I don’t know to what extent they can, I don’t know what her name is,” said the Spanish singer before the cameras.

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When the reporters told her that the version is titled “Invite me to a coffee,” Shaila responded ironically: “Look at the creativity… It would have been better if I had done it, now I’m going to talk to (David) Guetta, to See what’s up.”