Shakira and Piqué will sell their mansions valued at more than 200 million pesos

After the scandalous divorce of Shakira and Gerard Piqué just a year ago, the celebrities are still managing together the sale of their three houses in Barcelona, ​​which were valued at 15 million euros, that is, more than two hundred million Mexican pesos. .

This sales agreement between the singer and the footballer has shown that both can put aside their controversial problems and take care of financial matters in a discreet and civilized manner.

Of the three properties for sale, the most notable is the luxurious 3,800-square-meter mansion, where the couple spent the best years of their relationship.

The residence was built in 2012 by the Catalan architect Mireia Admetller and has a swimming pool, garden, cinema room, paddle tennis court, library, games area and gym, among many other amenities for the couple and their children.

The second house is just a few steps away and was the place where Shakira’s parents lived, while the third building corresponds to a home that the couple bought to completely renovate it, however this never happened due to their separation.

The administration of the three properties is managed by an entity chaired by Joan Piqué, Gerard’s father, who also lived with his wife a few meters from his son’s mansion.

This could be a bit problematic, since as the Colombian’s songs reveal, the relationship between her and her former in-laws was always complicated.