Shakira continues billing: puts on sale a sweatshirt with a phrase against Piqué

Shakira keep profiting of the success of his most recent musical theme «BZRP Music Sessions #53“, in which he speaks of the infidelity of his ex Gerard Piqué, and how he has overcome it, now he puts up for sale a peculair limited edition sweatshirt.

Through its networks, the Colombian reappeared wearing a white sweatshirt in which you can read the phrase: «Women no longer cry, women charge» which is part of his song that remains at the top of the list Of reproduction from Spotify and YouTube.

The singer appears with a smile and wearing said garment I was able to buy it on the official page.

The garment, in which it appears andShakira’s face that appears in the official video, andIt’s a design of the artist’s niece, this was pointed out in a second publication that emphasized that it is a limited edition.

Shakira and Gerard Pique they announced their separation in June 2022and although at that time they did not explain the causesthe thunder occurred in the middle of versions of infidelity; soon after, the ex-soccer player was seen with his new conquesta 23-year-old girl named Clara Chiawith whom you currently live and to whom boasted on social networks a few days ago.

New music from Shakira is coming

In addition to the new theme which will be released in a few days, in the that joins her voice to that of Karol G, Shakira will launch a new songcall “Empty Cup”, together with Manuel Turizo.

On the topic coverwhich already circulates in networks, Shakira appears dressed as a mermaid and with tied arms. The song, of which only the title is known, a piece of the chorus and an image, It has been leaked due to a bug from an online music platform, according to various media.

“I’ve been thirsty for you for a while, I don’t know why, I want to more and wanting to drink from an empty cup” is the chorus that Barranquilla singer has included in the advance of the topic that, as announced, It will be fully disclosed shortly.

The new theme is just progressing one month after released in collaboration with musician Argentinian Bizarrap, titled «BZRP Music Sessions #53», got millions of views in the networks and it became in the Hispanic song with the most impact on them.