Shakira goes to party for the success of her song, despite Piqué’s ridicule

The singer Shakira and Bizarrap continue to break records, after the launch of their “shoot” against Piqué.

Shakira boasted that despite the ridicule she has received from Piqué, she is enjoying the great success that her collaboration with Bizarrap has achieved, and proof of this is that she went to a party with her friends, who also comforted her when she broke up. of the former soccer player

Since the release of ‘Music Sessions #53’, Shakira and Biza have been leading the reproduction charts and have broken records on YouTube and various digital platforms.

Despite the success, the Colombian has not been spared from criticism, this given the strong hints she launched against Piqué and Clara Chía, however, it shows that they do not affect her and she enjoys the scope of her new song.

Through her Instagram stories, Shakira boasted that she went to a party with a group of friends, this to celebrate the great success she has achieved with her “shooter” against Piqué and Clara Chía.

The Colombian even took advantage of the moment, to send a message to “Biza” and thank her for the love of her friends, making it clear that they were the ones who were with her, in difficult times:

“What would be of us without the friends who dry our tears and also celebrate the good times?” wrote the singer, along with a video of her, where she can be seen dancing and enjoying with her friends.

With this, Shakira not only celebrates the great success of her collaboration with Bizarrap, but also shows that she does not give importance to the jokes that Piqué has launched.