Shakira left a club with Lewis Hamilton and did not come home, says paparazzi

A video is circulating on social networks where the Colombian singer appears with the 38-year-old British pilot, after it has been said in recent days that they have an affair.

With these images, the rumors continue to grow, as the paparazzi who has followed Shakira in Spain for more than 10 years, made strong statements.

According to the communicator, after the singer was one of the special guests at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, she returned home to change her clothes, because she not only went to dinner with Lewis Hamilton but also went to a nightclub. in Barcelona.

The journalist Jordi Martín, who this June 7 will face a trial with Gerard Piqué because Shakira’s ex requested a restraining order against him, said that the Colombian and Hamilton were recorded at an exclusive party that was held at the disco Carpe Diem C&C of Barcelona.

In this event were great football artists such as Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, who also attended the Spanish Grand Prix.

The video shows the pilot surrounded by several people, one of them is Shakira.

Both the 45-year-old singer and the British man stayed up until six in the morning in the club and then went elsewhere because, according to the paparazzi, the singer-songwriter did not come home to sleep.