Shakira, Maluma and Bad Bunny on the list of the most famous Latin singers on social networks

The Puerto Rican singer is one of those who generates the most reach on platforms like YouTube

Since 1965, the musician’s day has been celebrated every November 22 and Latin America It is one of the most influential regions in this industry, especially for the urban genre.

Social networks have been a way to showcase talent around the world, making videos and songs viral on different platforms, to the point of generating an impact on other genres and on the way music is marketed today.


The application has a direct relationship with music, to the point that what goes viral there has an impact on other platforms, encouraging the search for artists and singles despite generating content that has little to do with the songs.

Currently, among the most used audios on the social network there are several Latin singers. Wisin and Yandel They are in the top 10 with their song Besos Moja2 with more than 162 million views.

Wisin and Yandel Recital
The artists are currently in the top 10 on TikTok thanks to their song Besos Moja2 (Gustavo Gavotti/)

Raw Alejandro and Baby Rasta They have also had significant growth with their single Punto 40, with which they have already reached more than 124 million views. While Ozuna and Feid They were recently in the top 50 with the song Hey Mor, which surpassed 91 million views.

But during 2022 there have been other viral phenomena, such as Shakira, who generated trends with more than 1.7 billion views thanks to her #TeFelicitoChallenge or what was done by the independent rapper Kei Lynchwhich viralized its audio “Reloco papi reloco” reaching 20.4 million views and being a springboard for it to be known on other music platforms.

Other success stories are Malumawho used the app to launch his song Nos comemos vivos con chencho corlone and that thanks to his single June he achieved more than 571.8 million views. Also Carol G.which is one of the Latin artists with the largest audience, adding 40.8 million followers and 212 million likes.

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Here the influence goes much further, because in addition to the songs for the Reels, the artists make up a much stronger community thanks to the content they share about their daily lives, tours and marketing campaigns.

The top 10 of those with the most followers are:

1. Shakira: 77.3 million

2. Camila Cabello: 65.6 million

3. Anitta: 63.3 million

4. Maluma: 62.8 million

5. Karol G: 57.7 million

6. J Balvin: 52.7 million

7. Lele Pons: 50 million

8. Bad Bunny: 44.1 million

9. Daddy Yankee: 46.7 million

10. Gusttavo Lima: 43.9 million

Shakira on Halloween 2022. Photo: Instagram @shakira
The Colombian singer is the Latin artist with the most followers on Instagram (Photo: Instagram @shakira/)

Youtube music

Latin music has an important place in the music app, even among the US market. Bad Bunny, Shakira, Raw Alejandro, Karol G and Bizarrap They are the ones who lead the listings on this platform.

Songs like Titi asked me, I behave pretty, Provenza, I congratulate you and Session 52 with Quevedo are part of the top 10 on the global charts and what sounds on USA.


In what has to do with the platform dedicated entirely to video, Bad Bunny has a wide domain thanks to his album A summer without you which launched in May of this year. Since that month, it has accumulated 304 million views, but some songs from that album stand out with great numbers such as Me porto bonito with 504.4 million and Ojitos lindos with 197 million.

In addition to big names like Carol G. Y bizarrethis application opens the door to other artists who are starting their career as the case of the Colombian blessedwho has themes like Instagram, Global trend and Quien TV with reproductions between 80 and 100 million.

Argentine rappers also appear duki Y Thunderwhich have several songs over 100 million views.

Finally, a phenomenon in the last year has been Feidwhich has collaborations with renowned artists of the urban genre such as Ozuna, Karol G and Malumain addition to viral songs with Ryan Castro and Mora with which it exceeds 200 million views.

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