Shakira plans pact with the treasury to avoid trial in Spain

Shakira would be negotiating with the treasury to avoid going to trial

In the midst of her controversial love separation with Piqué, now Shakira would be ready to reach an agreement with the debt she has with the Spanish treasury.

In such a way, the Colombian would be changing her strategy on the problem she faces with the Spanish treasury and seeks an agreement to avoid trial. While she takes the opportunity to leave Barcelona with her children, now the Colombian’s legal team would undertake talks and agreements with the Treasury.

Now it has been revealed that he commissioned his team of lawyers to seek an agreement with the State Attorney’s Office, which defends the interests of the Treasury and with the Prosecutor’s Office, all in order to avoid jail in exchange for accepting that he defrauded and to pay a millionaire fine.

This request had already been externalized in the past, however the Barcelona Court rejected it at the time, ensuring that there is sufficient evidence that he hid information about his income.

The singer has been accused by the Spanish treasury for apparently owing 14.5 million euros to the Public Treasury of that country.

Specifically, it was confirmed that there is sufficient evidence to judge her as a result of the complaint that the Prosecutor’s Office filed against her for six tax crimes, according to the EFE news agency.