Shakira pleads guilty to tax fraud in Spain

Shakira agrees to a million-dollar fine with the Treasury.


Shakira has reached an agreement with the Spanish prosecutor’s office of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia to avoid trial for tax fraud when committing to pay a fine of 7.3 million euros in exchange for closing the legal processl.

The Colombian singer answered “yes” to the president of the court in Barcelona when, at the beginning of the session, he asked her if she recognized her guilt and accepted the sentences imposed.

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According to the agreement, The amount imposed is equivalent to 50 percent of the total fraud. To this amount will be added 432 thousand euros of payment for suspending the three-year prison sentence to which he had to submit.

Various European media have mentioned that Shakira has accepted the agreement at the request of her own children to avoid a trial media.

Through a press release, the Colombian indicated that this decision was best for her peace of mind and that of her children.

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