Shakira’s former employee calls her stingy and harmful to her workers

Shakira’s former employee goes after the singer.

After Gerard Piqué reacted to his ex, Shakira’s, new song with Fuerza Regida, titled “El Jefe”in which the singer throws hints at him and his father, a ex-employee of the Colombian to talk about the bad treatment he has with his workers and how he behaved with the family of Pique.

Cristina Cardenas Becerrawho worked for more than four years with Shakira Through an agency as coordinator of advertising representation in filming of the singer in Spain, she attacked the Barranquilla woman, describing her treatment with her employees as “disastrous.”

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“When you put it by contract that the extras, when you pass by, have to get up and face the wall, there are no more words,” he mentioned through a live broadcast.

Cristina Cardenas pointed out that the behavior of Shakira He has always been out of control due to his fears and insecurities.

“When you say that no one should look you in the eyes, when you take a girl out of a shoot who stands out more than you because she has thicker hair than you, she is prettier and you despise her, you humiliate her and you point your finger at her… “If you cancel the shoot 15 minutes before, you are giving yourself away and showing that you are not a good professional.”

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The woman has many phobias, many insecurities, many manias, many fears, does not like to leave the house, always locked up. You don’t know what that family has gone through for 12 years, what Gerard (Piqué) has suffered, you don’t know… That woman is the complete opposite of what she seems”.

Finally, regarding the name of Lili Melgar, who Shakira talks about in her new song “El Jefe” and supposedly he would have paid her 1 million dollars to appear in the video of said song, Cárdenas does not believe anything to the singer, because “Shakira is the stingiest woman you have ever met; At all family meals she did not open her purse, she is very clingy… What she is doing with her children will take its toll on her tomorrow, because they will see the reality that her mother is not doing the right thing, she is doing irreparable damage. to those children.”


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