Shani Louk’s mother said her daughter is alive in Gaza, seriously injured after the attack by Hamas terrorists on the electronic party

Young woman kidnapped by Hamas in Israel

The mother of Shani Louk He made a new and desperate appeal to the German government to help him find his daughter, ensuring that the young woman is alive and hospitalized in Gaza after the Hamas terrorist attack.

Ricarda Louk stated that she had information that her daughter was still alive, but that she was in critical condition due to serious head injuries.

“Every minute is critical. And we ask, no, We demand that the German government act quickly. There is no need to discuss matters of competence. We must act quickly to remove Shani from the Gaza Strip“said the mother in a second video, after the first in which she asked for information about her whereabouts.

Shani Louk, 20, a dual German-Israeli national, is among those missing after Hamas fighters attacked Israeli cities on Saturday morning.

A graphic and disturbing video emerged over the weekend showing a woman who looked like Louk, motionless and half-naked in the back of a van. She is surrounded by armed men shouting “Allahu Akbar” and one of them is seen spitting on her head.

Her cousin had confirmed to the Washington Post that Shani Louk was at a dance party that was attacked by militants during the assault.

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