Shattered! This is how Luis Ángel “El Flaco” returned to the stage after the death of his daughter



to so only four days after the death of his daughter, fernandaLuis Ángel “El Flaco” returned to the stage on the night of Friday, August 18 to perform a presentation that he had agreed to in Porterville, California, United States with Luis Antonio “El Mimoso”, thus avoiding a lawsuit for breach of contract .

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Moved to tears, in the middle of his concert, the regional Mexican artist thanked the public for showing his love for not leaving him alone at this very difficult time in his life, because although Fernanda, 21, was not his biological daughter, he raised her since she was a child when she began a relationship with her mother.

I know you’ve heard this phrase: ‘The show must go on’but I did not understand it because nothing had happened to me as bad as what just happened to me, but I said: ‘My people are not to blame, on the contrary, they are people who love me, who love me, who are with me’, were the words with which “El Flaco” aroused the ovations of the public.

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The interpreter assured that the pain he feels is very strong and that he does not wish it on his worst enemy. He excitedly asked for applause for his daughter and continued to sing the song for her My last wisha single that he released with Los Recoditos in 2013.


Fernanda was studying cosmetology and drowned at dawn on Monday, August 14, in a beach resort in Playa Brujas, Mazatlán, after meeting with some friends.

Unfortunately, the youngsters did not notice the red flags and went into the sea at 5:30 am when the waves overtook them.. Her friend could be rescued alive, but she did not have the same luck.