She cheats on her boyfriend before their wedding, her lover viralizes the WhatsApp chat

The screenshot came into the hands of her boyfriend.

An Asian woman went viral after fulfilling her fantasies the day before getting married. The story quickly went viral after the “South China Morning Post” revealed what happened.

It is that the boyfriend discovered her just after saying yes I do and decided to record her with the screenshots of the conversation that his partner had with his lover the night before.

It all started with a photo on WeChat, the app used in China, which replaces WhatsApp.

The young woman had been cheating on her boyfriend for years with a man who called himself Xiaobailong, small white dragon in its Spanish translation.

He proposed a sexual farewell that ended in a threesome with another man who they added to the meeting.

The Chinese ended up being tempted when she sent him a picture of her wearing her wedding dress. But as soon as she received her postcard, she thought it would be more fun to add a third party to the meeting.

The girl even decided not to use contraception that day and “leave in God’s hands” what might happen in terms of a possible pregnancy.

When he proposed to add someone else to the farewell night, she confessed to her lover that she felt “bad” for also wanting to accept.

After those hours of madness and passion, the next day she put on her wedding dress again and ended up marrying her partner who soon discovered the whole truth.

The lover was not happy with his night of lust. After everything that happened, he decided to publish the conversation that he had with his lover in the hours before the wedding in a WeChat group.

In a matter of moments, the screenshot reached the boyfriend who immediately came forward to denounce it.

In addition, he requested a divorce and monetary compensation of $28,000 for engagement gifts and hospital expenses that he had to pay after being treated for the crisis he entered upon discovering the deception.

So far, it has not been possible to resolve the issue since the woman chose to flee the city due to the threats she began to receive after the media in her country echoed the news that is already viral.