She discovers her husband’s infidelity with her father

  • A young Brazilian woman discovered that her boyfriend and her father were lovers, and that’s how she took revenge

An infidelity between a woman’s husband and her own father has been a topic of conversation in recent hours on social networks, mainly on Facebook, where the conflict that escalated to attacks was exposed.

It is the story of Camila Oliveira, a young woman originally from Brazil, who publicly revealed the love relationship between her husband and her own father, which has generated a chain of reactions and comments from Internet users.

It all started when the 25-year-old girl discovered the compromising messages that showed a relationship between her partner and her 45-year-old father. Upon finding out about her, the situation escalated to a physical conflict between Camila’s husband, her father-in-law, and several of her neighbors.

On Twitter, now

In an act of revenge, she decides to expose the truth with all the evidence on Facebook, but she also took her anger to the streets, posting photos and conversations throughout the neighborhood. And finally, she set fire to her husband’s Chevrolet Vectra car, intensifying the drama.

While father Camila also decided to get involved in the controversy, in support of his daughter, he threw stones and bottles at the young man’s home, which caused the neighbors to come out and one of them was injured with a bottle.