She had sex with her lover wearing her wedding dress one day before the wedding and was discovered by a chat

The wedding photo of a woman who, the day before her marriage, was unfaithful to her husband wearing her wedding dress

a woman in Chinawho was engaged to be married, wore her wedding dress one day before the weddingnot exactly for marry with your partner, but for have sex with her lover.

The infidelity became a scandal in social networksafter the disclosure of a chat in which the bride’s own lover, identified as xiaobailongwhich translates as “little white dragon”, explicitly recounted what he did with the woman, with the intention of “showing his capacity for charm”, according to what was reviewed by the Asian media South China Morning Post.

The woman, last name wowquickly became the target of attacks on the networks, for having broken the trust of her fiancé and her own family, who was greatly affected by the event.

The chats reveal sexual conversations explicit in which wow Y xiaobailong they plan the way in which they want to carry out the adultery on the eve of the wedding celebration.

two days before the marriageWu chatted with Xiaobailong, with whom he had already had sexual intercourse several times before. In the conversation, the girl sent her lover photos of her wearing her wedding dress and sent her new home address.

Following these messages, Xiaobailong proposed to Wu to have sex the next day, that is, just 24 hours before the wedding, and Wu agreed.

unfaithful china
The chat between Wu and her lover

However, Xiaobailong seemed to be dissatisfied with just consummating the infidelitybut also, he put on the table what he described as a “brave idea”, which consisted of nothing more and nothing less than not using contraceptive protectionand “leave it in God’s hands to see who you will be pregnant with.”

To which Wu replied: “Let’s leave it in God’s hands. I’m not afraid”.

But the audacity of the lovers did not end there, but Xiaobailong wanted to redouble his bet even more and proposed to Wu to invite another man to join them and asked him to use his wedding dress to make the wedding. trio.

Faced with this proposal, the girlfriend replied: “I feel like I’m bad because I also want this” and agreed to do the trio.

Two days later, the wedding took place as planned. However, Wu and her boyfriend had already legally registered the marriage days before the ceremony.

It wasn’t until after the adultery and wedding took place that a boastful Xiaobailong shared his conversation with Wu in a group of wechat and he replied to a person who asked in the chat about what would happen if Wu got pregnant, that: “It’s none of my business who will be the father.”

After the disclosure of the chat, Wu’s already husband was informed about the fact, which unleashed his fury. Heartbroken, he reported the matter to the police “to protect his rights” and filed for divorce.

In addition, the enraged husband claimed 200,000 yuan (US$28,000) in engagement gifts that he had given to the bride’s family, according to the chinese tradition.

unfaithful china
wedding photos

The boyfriend said the scandal had affected his health to the point that he required hospital treatment. His mother was also hospitalized after falling ill due to the humiliation, she posted. South China Morning Post.

This whole incident forced Wu to hide outside the city of zhangjiajiewhere the couple lived, after the furious reaction that was generated against them in the networks for their behavior.

“This incident has had a huge impact on both families. I hope they’re all not so bad,” the groom said. “Adults must be responsible for what they say and do. The Internet is still governed by law.”

The boyfriend’s social media accounts were flooded with messages of comfort after the betrayal he suffered.

“No one laughs at you, brother. You are a good man”, wrote a user on social networks.

“You’re lucky you found out the truth at the right time, or you would have been fooled your whole life,” said another.

Another person wrote: “This case makes me afraid to get married.”

It is unknown if the third man who was proposed for the threesome with Wu’s girlfriend and Xiaobailong joined them.

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