She has the enemy at home: Danna Paola’s staff puts her in danger

Though Danna Paola she has made an effort to consolidate herself as an artist of international stature, things have not happened as she wanted, and not because of her, but because of the people around her, who have not been able to manage her career with the demands that this implies , putting not only the image of the singer at risk, but also her life!

The carelessness of her staff reached the most delicate point on November 28 during the concert at the National Auditorium, in which the singer was suspended several meters above the ground due to a technical failure. The singer was hanging from a harness, and when she was descending she had an unexpected scale, because the harness dragged her and she did everything she could to hold on to a platform and avoid falling.

Despite this tense moment – ​​which even caused seconds of panic in her audience – the actress knew how to handle the situation: “Fuck it… No, well, I already left, like a piñata,” she expressed to lessen the situation. Danna Paola remained “calm”, and as a professional tried to save, once again, her presentation: “You know what? I lost the floor. The floor is spinning, literally,” she said as she asked one of the technicians for help. The singer explained, while she was still hanging, what could have been the cause of the dangerous incident: “What do you think? That today was not tested in the morning.

The way in which the protagonist of Elite faced the risky situation was applauded by those attending the concert. However, at the close of this edition, her work team had not issued any statement to explain with certainty what happened.

It should be noted that this incident is not the only one that the young woman has experienced on her XT4S1S tour, since technical failures were reported from the beginning of her presentations, and some concerts had to be cancelled. We present you some episodes of tension that Danna Paola has had to face.

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