She-Hulk and the 10 video games of the Marvel superheroine

She-Hulk. (photo: Disney Latino)

she hulk is a good representation of the kind of hero that Marvel you need for your series. On the other hand, he is a new character in the MCU, so it removes the feeling of eternal recycling that Marvel has dragged for years (and this diminishes the power of ‘Hawkeye’ or ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’).

On the other hand, it doesn’t have its own complicated lore that has led to shows like ‘Ms. Marvel’ or ‘Moon Knight’ are considered an unrelated part of the MCU. In addition, its concept is understood in principle: a female Hulk, nothing more.

And it is impossible not to connect as a reader with Jennifer Walters, who, unlike her peers, feels very comfortable and uninhibited like a powerful giantess with green skin and endless legs.

A young woman who has not only deserved her self-realization at work, but is also capable of filling the huge gap left by The Thing in the Fantastic Four. bringing much more than muscle and brute force to the first family of superheroes.

Giving rise to great adventures, his own legion of fans and, of course, his step beyond comics. Which brings us to his journey through the video game.

All the video games that She-Hulk has come out

They would have to spend nothing less than 17 years from her first comic for She-Hulk to be a controllable character in a console.

Not because the character lacked a hook, quite the opposite, but because when it came to betting on bringing Marvel characters to video games, developers and publishers resorted to the usual suspects: Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men .

You can’t blame them for anything. Precisely, She-Hulk’s debut will be due to her passing through The Fantastic Four through their 1997 video game. That will be just the beginning. Next Infobae brings a list of the video games in which She-Hulk participated:

She-Hulk came to video games with The Fantastic Four, on the original PlayStation.  (photo:
She-Hulk came to video games with The Fantastic Four, on the original PlayStation. (photo:

1. Fantastic Four (1997)

She-Hulk’s official video game debut, at least as a playable character, was in the Fantastic Four by Acclaim.

A Beat’em Up that wasted both what was inherited by its predecessors in arcades with a gameplay with ample room for improvement as well as the potential to offer three-dimensional scenarios inspired by the Marvel universe.

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2006)

She-Hulk’s debut in Marvel Ultimate Alliance was, to say the least, peculiar: although she was present in all versions of the game, their role was to confront the players as bosses.

Now, seeing it on the list has its reason for being: Activision reserved the character to be selected as an exclusive heroine for the version of nintendo ds, promoting that each platform had its own Marvel stars.

3. Marvel Avengers Alliance and Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics (2012)

Playdom and, after the acquisition of Marvel, the now defunct Disney Interactive could not resist bringing Marvel heroes to the web browsers Y mobile devices halfway around the world Marvel Avengers Alliance; a saga of three RPGs in which turn-based battles are interspersed with a narrative load that took advantage of the concept of the different universes to create their own plot arcs.

In fact, not only could She-Hulk be unlocked for use in tag team matches, but also there was a whole collection of alternative versions with their own characteristics and their roles, promoting the mechanics of class strengths and weaknesses while exploring more and better the background of each character.

She-Hulk video games.  (photo: Genbeta)
She-Hulk video games. (photo: Genbeta)

4. Marvel Heroes Omega (2013)

The Marvel Heroes Omega ARPG project would not be complete without a She-Hulk that fit like a glove to its role-playing action formula, although this would not be unlockable until 2015.

The best? In addition to his superhero version with his characteristic costume, Gazillion introduced an alternate version with lawyer suit capable of delivering tow with an extra touch of elegance and even throwing his briefcase with Jen’s paperwork at the villains.

5.Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel’s cinematic phenomenon has opened lots of doors and collaborations for its characters across all manner of video games, and while most of them are action heroes with superhuman strength, there’s also room to integrate them into classic Bejeweled-style puzzlers. Marvel Puzzle Quest is the proof of it.

she hulk, which is unlockable, receives the same treatment as the rest of the heroes of the house of ideas: in addition to offering power-ups and thematic bonuses, the fan is given lots of illustrations, vignettes and even mythical covers of She-Hulk during the development of the games.

She-Hulk video games.  (photo: Genbeta)
She-Hulk video games. (photo: Genbeta)

6. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes 2 and Marvel’s Avengers

She-Hulk and several of her alternate versions were not only present in the different LEGO games based on Marvel licenses, including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 or a LEGO Marvel’s Avengers more in tune with the movies, but who also took an active part in several of the episodes shining with their own light between the favorites of all life and the rising stars.

7. Marvel Contest of Champions (2014)

She-Hulk joined the mamporro festival of Marvel Contest of Champions taking advantage of the Women of Power event in March 2016.

An opportunity that not only came in handy to Jen, but she took advantage of it to enter through the front door adding to the super-simplified mobile fighting game a contender with a repertoire of punches and kicks of outstanding reach and strength and thunderous grappling finishes.

8. Marvel Future Fight (2015)

It’s been made quite clear that, unlike her cousin, She-Hulk is much more than just a beast with crushing strength; but it must be recognized that very few have understood and captured his aggressive nature in video games as well as his version of Marvel Future Fight crafted by netmarble: She-Hulk not only strikes with crushing force, but it moves with the speed and style of a gazelle. And that does not subtract from the character, but adds.

9. Marvel Avengers Academy (2016)

TinyCo created its own mobile social sim with the added claim of reimagining Marvel’s heroes and villains as students on an academic campus.

Jen could not miss with a tailored version in which we are presented as a law student who, in addition, is a member of the formation of heroines A-Force. Her motto: I don’t have anger issues, but I do have serious issues with those who drive me crazy.

She-Hulk video games.  (photo: Genbeta)
She-Hulk video games. (photo: Genbeta)

10. Fortnite Battle Royale (2017)

People have gotten used to Marvel’s most popular and beloved heroes appearing in Fortnite and have become regular companions on the Battle Bus.

She-Hulk’s case is so special that she even joined the Battle Royale of Epic Games long before the first preview of his own series was shown in the MCU, entering alongside A-list stars like Wolverine, Iron Man or Thor.

In fact, there was even an elaborate context for the occasion: Galactus, the devourer of worlds, will break into fortnite and the god of Thunder recruited the best of the Avengers and some especially powerful villain to try to save the planet. How was She-Hulk going to miss the party?


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