“She is an unemployed diva”: Laura and Sylvia tell their truths to Lucía Méndez

When visiting Karla Díaz in her program ‘Pinky Promise’, Laura Zapata, Sylvia Paquel and Lorena Herrera once again gave something to talk about by making their distance from Lucía Méndez evident.

In the reality show ‘Siempre reinas’, the quartet starred in discussions that revealed their true personalities, and to date, it is clear that Lucía Méndez does not fit in the group of celebrities.

“For me it was very difficult to work with a person who was so wild, so reactive, who put on all the sacks,” said Laura Zapata, referring to her colleague.

During the long interview, the actresses mentioned several times the characteristics of who calls herself a diva, and in fact, Sylvia Pasquel reiterated on more than one occasion that the only diva that Mexico has is called Silvia Pinal.

Sylvia also highlighted that her partner has many haters on social networks, and Laura Zapata added: “She deserves it.”

“It’s a bit of revenge for the 2 million Spotify thing. We do work, she’s an unemployed diva, clear,” finished off Sylvia Pasquel. So Laura Zapata wanted to conclude the topic: “She hasn’t done television since the last century, seriously.”

And it is that Laura, Lorena and Sylvia have current projects in theater, television, music and books. We will have to wait if Lucía Méndez answers them.

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