She is Lourdes the ‘little Lulú’, sister of ‘Barby’ Juárez

Lourdes Juárez is also a boxer.

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Mariana ‘La Barby’ Juárez has given something to talk about for her participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’because she has always been on the verge of elimination, but she has fans who continue to support her to see her and win the grand finale of the reality show, despite the criticism and confrontations she has had with her teammates team hell.

Mariana ‘La Barby’ Juárez, 43 years old, has a daughter named Natasha, who came into the house yesterday to spend a while with herand four brothers, one of whom is also dedicated to boxing like her.

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She is Lourdes the ‘little Lulú’, sister of ‘Barby’ Juárez


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Lourdes the ‘little Lulú’ Juárez spoke before the cameras about how her sister has handled herself in LCDLFM.

“I see her well, she is a warrior to the max, suddenly they will be able to see her down, that she likes it there, she likes it. Neither she nor we expected that she was going to be in there for so long, we thought it would only be a week and that’s it, I think she is doing things well according to the show that is about it.


Regarding the attacks that Team Infierno has had against her sister, the boxer indicated that “it is something normal, not just her, it must come to everyone’s mind that now (to want to leave). I think the hate are strategies for the boys, they all want to win, somehow they have to attack, to stand out. Yes, they have been a little (cruel), they are human, whether it is a show or not, it is a strategy, it is what they are doing, ”she expressed for the First Hand program.

Who is the sister of the champion ‘La Barby’?

His name is Lourdes Yoana Juárez Trejo.

He was born in Mexico City on December 19, 1986.

Lourdes, known as ‘The little Lulu’ In boxing, she made her debut as a boxer at the age of 26 in a fight against Gabriela Martínez in 2013 and won by knockout.


He accompanied his sister Maria Anastasia Juarez Trejoto his training sessions and began to hit the sacks.

She considers that she has always been “rude and has always liked to play sports.”

His sister ‘Barby’ Juarez It motivated her to pursue the voice and she trained hard to achieve it. He began by sparring with her.


In December 2020, Lourdes won the World Boxing Council super flyweight title after defeating Lupita Martínez by unanimous decision in CDMX.

She is married to a man named Luis Ramírez, whom she has known for years. They have two children; she was already a mom when she started in the box.