She is the “trans girl” from Overcoming Guilt!

Jesusa Ochoa is the daughter of the first actor Jesús Ochoa


The plot of Overcoming Guilt took an unexpected turn after one of the great unknowns of the story produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa was revealed.

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Jesusa Ochoa


She is the “trans girl” from Overcoming Guilt!

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And in chapter 54, transmitted a few days ago, Pablo (Matías Novoa) found out that her son Damián is really Dulce, because he had surgery to change his sex.

This event revolutionized the drama, as Pablo refuses to accept that his daughter is now a transsexual girl. The disappearance of the young girl was the trigger for the soap opera that began in the last days of June for the stars.

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In the soap opera, Dulce Ventura is the missing girl in the plot. Before disappearing, she had been working at Amanda Cardenal’s (María Sorté) pet supplies store for less than a year.

The actress in charge of personifying Dulce is Jesusa Ochoa, daughter of the first actor, Jesús Ochoa. She was born in 2004 and her mother is the actress María Eugenia Leñero.. Since she was a child she showed interest in acting, so she got involved in several plays until she fulfilled her dream of getting to television.