Shock in Russia: a brutal murderer was pardoned by Putin after fighting in Ukraine and now returned to his city

People living in the Russian region of Vladikavkaz and especially the women, are terrified after the release of a brutal murderer who returned without charge to his hometown, pardoned for Vladimir Putin for having fought in the war against Ukraine.

the ex cop Vadim Tekhov 33 years old, was imprisoned in 2021 after serving a 16-year sentence for stabbing his wife to death.

The frenzied attack that was recorded in gruesome security camera footage shocked Russia, as the former police officer repeatedly stabbed his wife, Regina Gagieva 22 years old, in his office.

The woman received 15 injuries after the man stabbed her with a kitchen knifebut Putin’s henchmen took him out of prison when he was serving a very short time of his sentence and sent him to the front lines, in the bloody war against Ukraine.

Regina Gagieva, 22, murdered by her ex-partner

Putin pardoned his 16-year sentence and released him after spending six months on the front lines, being one of the thousands of murderers released from Russian jails to fight in the war.

His ex-wife’s sister Roxana Zaseevahas seen him in the Russian city of Vladikavkaz, where he killed Regina, walking through the streets eating a shawarma, according to what the British media published The Daily Mail.

The mud should have swallowed him, but he walks calmly through the streets. Right now, multiple lives are in danger.”, Zaseeva told the Email.

“Our prison services don’t understand this. They are waiting for another death. Do you think that if he comes to my house, it will be possible to just talk to him?” she questioned.

Zaseeva feels she must leave town, but warned that other women are also at risk because her sister’s killer who stalked her sister is now on the loose.

In the security video, Tekhov can be seen threatening his ex-wife with a knife while demanding to see her cell phone, suspecting that she was starting a new relationship.

Capture by a security camera of the moment of the murder of 22-year-old Regina Gagieva

The former police officer savagely attacked her until she was badly injured, to finally die in the hospital. Regina had a son.

The victim’s mother Zema, said that the former policeman was tormented by jealousy: “He was jealous all the time. He told (my daughter). If you are not with me, you will not be with anyone. Come with me or I’ll kill you,” her mother told the Email.

Regina’s sister went to see the prison officials to demand an explanation for the release of her former brother.

“I wanted to understand how they could free such a killer. But there they stood in solidarity with me and said they couldn’t do anything,’” he told the Email.

Vadim Tekhov after being captured for murdering his wife

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Regina Gagieva in the Russian city of Vladikavkaz.

Tekhov fought in a unit of the regular army, which applied the same mechanism of the Wagner Group mercenaries and recruited convicts to take them to war.

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