Shocking! This is what ‘Ugly Betty’ would look like if she were a Barbie, according to Artificial Intelligence

“I am Betty, the ugly” will have a new season, and with it the interest in the soap opera has increased.


Since Amazon Prime Video confirmed a new continuation of “I am Betty, the ugly one”, interest in the popular Colombian soap opera has grown in recent weeks and, now with the new Artificial Intelligence applications, there are many people who obtain images of what “Betty” would look like played by another actress or in an animated version.

On the other hand, the film was added to fashion trends “Barbie”, the summer hit sensation of this 2023. Several celebrities, in fact, have taken the opportunity to upload funny photos and videos using filters to show off what the Mattel doll would look likewhich has given them thousands of “likes” and, of course, comments praising the famous.

“Ugly Betty” could not escape this fashion, and on social networks an image of What would “Beatriz Pinzón” look like if she were a Barbie? What do you think of the result, did you like it or pass?


The popularity of “Ugly Betty” never disappeared, but now it is stronger than ever due to the announcement of a new season of the Colombian telenovela. In the midst of all this furor, the Twitter account @ShowmundialShow lAn Artificial Intelligence app was asked to recreate “Betty” as if she were a Barbie, and this was the resulting image:


This is what “Ugly Betty” would look like in the Barbieverse, what do you think of her?


In the photograph provided by Artificial Intelligence, we can see “Betty” with her characteristic glasses, a smooth Barbie-style skin, her classic teeth with braces, wavy hair and brown eyessimilar to the character.

However, “Betty’s” clothing generated mixed commentsWell, in the image she wears a red shirt and a checkered skirt, which did not end up convincing some fans, who criticized the result; other followers, on the other hand, praised the final result.