Shooting at the Agrícola Oriental pilgrimage in Iztacalco leaves a one-year-old baby injured: VIDEOS

Shooting during a pilgrimage in Iztacalco.


The baby was taken to the Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital, but since they did not have the necessary equipment for her care, she was taken to the pediatric hospital in Tacubaya.

The one year and four month old girl named Ángela was injured because a stray bullet grazed one of her lungs in the middle of the crossfire between elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) and alleged extortionists from the gang of ‘The Conchos’in the vicinity of a pilgrimage on the occasion of Three Kings Day on Avenida Rojo Gómez and Sur 16, Agrícola Oriental neighborhood, Iztacalco mayor’s officewhich left two dead, seven injured, including a minor, and 10 detained, media reported.

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At the moment, The little girl is fortunately reported to be stable, while her grandmother was injured in the pelvis and arm due to stray bullets from the shooting.; She was hospitalized at the San José Clinic, where she was confirmed out of danger. In addition, it is reported that in the Xoco hospital there are three people who remain hospitalized and one more civilian is in the General Balbuena hospital recovering.

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