Siblings record each other for their OnlyFans and keep their parents

Between them they add more than 300 thousand followers on social networks and pay their parents’ expenses with OnlyFans

There is no doubt that siblings are the closest people we have with our parents, and therefore, they are the ones we can trust the most; However, Daisy Drew and her brother Sean Austin have taken their trust in each other further, filming each other to sell hot content on their OnlyFans accounts.

And it is that the success of the brothers in the platform for adults is such, that they affirm that they pay the house of their parents thanks to their millionaire earnings, as they told the New York Post.

Sean is 29 years old and his sister Daysi 24, and it was he who convinced his sister to join the platform after achieving rapid and impressive success. “When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt very lucky, but at the same time it can seem that many people do not understand it,” said the young man.

In 2021, the siblings told their parents what their source of income was and claim that they are very proud of both of them, and only ask them to stay safe.

“My dad is very proud of me, he supports me in what I do. The main thing is that my brother and I are safe and happy, and that’s all that our parents care about, and all that parents should be concerned about, ”Daisy said.

In addition to helping their parents with their expenses, the sibling couple now live in a luxury apartment in London, England, and between the two of them they have generated more than $ 2 million. Between the two, Sean and Daisy say they have raised more. $ 2 million selling their sexy content and now living in luxury apartments in London, England.