Signs that your cell phone was infected with a virus

If you stop to think, your cellphone it saves practically all your life. Personal and work issues can be known from this device, even where you have your bank account. Hence the importance to protect it. The bad news is that the cybercriminals understand the value of this team and look for a way of infecting it with a virus. That is why today we are going to tell you how to detect if your smartphone is compromised.

Although many still believe that malware and antivirus are reserved for the computer, the reality is that they are increasingly the dangers facing a cell phone.

beyond the technology, the first barrier to keep you protected are your good safety habits But if you think you’ve made a mistake, keep reading.

How does a cell phone get infected with malware?

In some cases the malware infection can be very obvious, for example, if after having clicked on a suspicious link you start to see unwanted advertising. But in others it is needed a better eye to recognize a problem.

The company ESET cybersecurity shared some points that will help you detect if your phone is engaged by a malware.

because android It is the operating system that occupies most of the market of smartphones, it is common for these devices be targeted for identity theft, fraud and extraction of information that is later sold on the dark web.

Its attacks are carried out through applications, SMS or social networks, in most cases through emails phishing that contain malicious links or attachments. Once the victim downloads the attached file and installs it on your device, the virus allows the cybercriminals take control of the team.

These links are usually found on fraudulent sites, which pose as the sites of well-known brands or organizations.

They also hide in fake apps that contain malicious programs such as keyloggers, ransomware or spyware. It must be said that in most cases these Applications are spread through unofficial stores.

So you can know if your cell phone is infected with malware

You already know what is the most common method that cyber criminals orused to infect a cell phone and you may think that it cannot happen to you, but if you identify any of the signs then be careful, you probably have a virus:

The battery drains faster than usual.

You detect spikes in the use of internet Data, although your browsing habits have not changed.

The GPS function and the internet (either Wi-Fi or mobile data) They turn on and off by themselves.

Pop-up windows open displaying ads or apps strangers without your permission.

The apps qthat previously worked fine start to exhibit strange behavior. This includes starting suddenly, close or fail completely and display unexpected errors.

You or your contacts receive strange calls or messages, or call and text history include unknown records.

There are also more obvious signs, for example, if a phone was compromised with ransomware simply

What to do if your cell phone was infected with a virus?

ESET mentions that, in generalthere are two ways to remove most types of malware from an infected cell phone:

The first one is very easy and and install on the phone an antivirus solution have good references to scan the device to scan for threats and remove them.

manual removalalthough it is not always easy, because malware often includes mechanisms coded to prevent or make it more difficult for users to uninstall it, you can remove the infected app from the settings menu.

In case it’s hard to try uninstall a malicious app you can start your cell phone in safe mode and delete the apps What do you think is causing your device to perform harmful actions.

and to be protected ESET recommends:

Update both the operating system and the applicationsas soon as the latest versions are available.

Back up your data and save the backup in a safe way. It will be of great help in case the device is compromised.

Use a solution of mobile security have a proven track record of good repute.

Discharge apps sOnly from the official stores Google Play and App Storeand always check the opinions, both the app and its developer.