Silvia Pinal and Angélica María go viral for an iconic photo of their youth

Silvia Pinal and Angélica María, talented, charismatic and beautiful


Silvia Pinal goes viral with an iconic photo next to her friend, the actress and singer Angélica María

Silvia Pinal She is one of the most important actresses in our country, since she marked many people in the public and continues to entertain the new generations, since recently went viral next to Angélica María for an iconic photo of her youth.

The actress, who built a great dynasty over the years, has always been recognized for her talent, charisma and beauty, which is confirmed in the photograph where she poses next to her friend, the actress Angélica María.

In addition, the actress also appears in the image carmen sevilla and the singer Rocio durcalwho was one of the greatest interpreters of Juan Gabriel’s songs.

Where was the iconic photo of Silvia Pinal and Angélica María taken?

According to the Twitter account @cinedeoro.mexicano, the photo was taken in 1965, when the four artists were enjoying themselves in a bar in Spain; However, Silvia Pinal and Angélica María have never remembered or expressed anything about this day.

Even Mrs. Silvia Pinal has shared many images of her best years on Instagram, when she acted in the best movies of the time. Said material is surprising and leaves thousands of her fans with their mouths open when contemplating her beauty and style to dress her.

Fortunately, the producer is also one of the great Mexican stars who is still in force and is a living legend, since her career as an actress is worthy of recognition and it is not for nothing considered one of the divas of the Golden Cinema in Mexico.

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Silvia Pinal |  Photo: TVyNovelas Archive


This is what Silvia Pinal looked like when she was young and acted in the best movies of the time



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