Silvia Pinal lost millions of dollars and objects of incalculable value

The actress Silvia Pinal lost paintings and letters from Diego Rivera worth millions

The controversy continues over the commenting millionaire robbery faced by 91-year-old Silvia Pinal, since several objects of incalculable value were stolen from her enormous mansion so far.

And it is that Silvia Pinal had a secret basement where she kept everything she has achieved through her career, where jewelry, paintings, watches, and letters signed by the painter Diego Rivera stand out, which have incalculable value according to the audios leaked where Mayela allegedly entered with her husband Luis Enrique Guzmán.

The things stolen from Silvia Pinal’s mansion would have great monetary value, there are too important paintings that are missing from prestigious New York museums, making it clear that they could have a million-dollar value, as well as the letters that Diego Rivera sent to the diva of the Golden Age.

Although Luis Enrique Guzmán has already released a statement in which he assures that the audios where Mayela talks about fortune and points to both her and Silvia Pinal’s youngest son as the alleged perpetrators, he reported that they were edited and he even already knows who is responsible for them. filter information of the famous dynasty.