Silvia Pinal will leave the hospital today: she must continue with rehabilitation

  • The leading actress is in good spirits and has answered calls from close friends

The return home will have to wait a little longer for the actress Silvia Pinal, since her treating doctor has decided that a few more hours in the hospital are necessary so as not to run any risk when discharging her, which is expected to happen on the last day of the 2023.

“It is not a sure thing, but everything continues to evolve as it has until now. She will be discharged tomorrow, but everything can change, so let’s be very cautious,” declared Daniel Sierra, Silvia Pinal’s doctor.
Dr. Daniel Sierra explained that to discharge a patient like Silvia Pinal, three important factors must be successfully developed:

“The most important thing is that they tolerate an oral route, that they have a good state of hydration, that they eat well so that they have a good caloric intake, because if not we are going to return to the point that brought us here, the metabolic issues,” explained the doctor. .

Dr. Sierra continued by saying that what follows is a good pulmonary rehabilitation, which is what has been difficult for Silvia Pinal; but it is very important that it is carried out to the letter, in order to have efficient management of the expulsion of secretions, since this will allow oxygenation to be preserved.

Finally, physical rehabilitation, so that the patient has muscle strength and is not lying down all the time, can change position and thus avoid ulcers, but above all that she has respiratory strength.

«We have to comply with these three pillars so that we consider that your return home is safe and effective. We are already in the final stretch of this rehabilitation and if things go as they are now, we can consider that discharge can be safe tomorrow,” explained the doctor.

But he stressed that upon being discharged, Silvia Pinal will have to continue her rehabilitation at home, because it is an environment in which she feels more comfortable.