Since they don’t give him his inheritance, Mariana Levy’s son has to sell basket tacos

José Emilio claims his inheritance

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José Emilio has fought since the beginning of 2023 for the inheritance left to him by his mother Mariana Levy, an actress who tragically died as a result of an assault in Mexico City.

Levy left a part of his inheritance exclusively to his eldest daughter Mariana, whom he protected through life insurance when his other two children, José Emilio and Paula, were not yet born.

But the rest of the inheritance was to be divided between the three of them, in accordance with the will, when they reached the age of majority.
The problem, says José Emilio, is that María and her lawyer have put up legal obstacles: requests to expand the inventory of assets and protections for each of the processes, for example.

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Since they don’t give him his inheritance, Mariana Levy’s son has to sell basket tacos

José Emilio is already 19 years old (his sister Paula is 21) so they hope to receive at least their share of the sale of a house that Mariana Levy had in Las Lomas.

The problem in this case, explained José Emilio in an interview with “Windowing”is that when the house was sold, his sister María paid the expenses generated (property payment and notaries) with her money and now she asks that it be paid.

José Emilio says that his urgency to receive the inheritance is due to the economic hardships he is going through, which has led him to work in various trades.

“I’m working on everything, I’m selling basket tacos, selling chilaquiles.”

This despite the fact that he receives a monthly payment as part of the inheritance payment.

“A month ago, we were able to reach an agreement with the judge for a monthly payment for two, three months, in which we got to have a job, but that monthly payment is not enough for me to pay all the expenses in the house, which is maintenance, water, gas, plus my supermarket, it’s quite complicated”.

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