‘Single dad’: the real reason why Televisa ended César Costa’s beloved show

28 years ago the series ‘Single Dad’ ended after seven years on the air with great public acceptance that prevents forgetting its characters, but if it was so good, why did it end?

Gerardo Quiroz revealed the answer to that question in an interview with Enrique Burak for his YouTube channel. He recalled that the rating was brutal in favor of the program, but due to Televisa’s policies, the same person could not be in two projects at the same time, especially if one was fictional and the other was not.

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The now theatrical producer reported that César Costa told him that Emilio Azcárraga himself called him to tell him that ‘Single Dad’ had already completed his cycle, and wanted him to be the presenter of the magazine program ‘A New Day’.

“Emilio told César that he should give us the news that ‘Single Dad’ was off the air because you enter ‘A new day’. He told him ‘give me at least a few months, because the program has many more topics to talk about Quiroz said.

When the deadline given by Emilio Azcárraga Milmo for the end of ‘Single Dad’ expired, César Costa had to focus only on the morning show, which he hosted with Rebeca De Alba.

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In 2021, Gerardo Quiroz participated in the recording of the pilot for the return of the series, which would now be called “Single 25 years later”.

Despite the fact that a large part of the original cast participated, no more was known about that project, although the day will surely come when it premieres on Las Estrellas.

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