Sirens sound in Tel Aviv and all of southern Israel before a new rocket attack from the Gaza Strip

Rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel, in Gaza, May 10, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (MOHAMMED SALEM/)

Palestinian terrorists from Gaza launch this Wednesday new volleys of rockets to different cities of Israelwhich caused at least five civilians injured.

The victims were transferred to a hospital in the south of the country. According to Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center, two people were injured while running towards a bomb shelter. Three others arrived at the hospital affected by anxiety attacks and have already been discharged.

A security source told the Israeli media Haaretz that they did not detect active participation of the terrorist group Hamas in rockets launched from the Gaza Strip. The information contrasts with the comments of the organization’s spokesperson, Abdellatif al-Kanouin which the attacks were awarded.

The air raid sirens have not stopped ringing in the last hour in the south of Israel, in the area that includes the cities of Sderot, Askhelon, Ashod or Lachish; but they reached points in the center of the country where the district of Tel Avivwhich concentrates several municipalities where 1.5 million people live, and where the main international airport is located.

The Army has not yet confirmed the number of rockets launched, which from the times that anti-aircraft alerts have been activated in the south point to several dozen, but it did ask civilians living in the affected areas to follow emergency instructions and take shelter in air raid shelters.

He also reported that shortly before the rockets were fired from Gaza, his aircraft bombed several military installations and launchers for rockets and mortar shells belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (YIP) in the enclave.

This intense exchange of fire broke out today after Israel killed yesterday Jalil Baitini, Tareq Az Aldin and Jahed Ahnamthe top three JIP terror leaders in Gaza in heavy simultaneous shelling.

The Chamber of Joint Military Operations, which brings together the Palestinian armed factions in Gaza – including the JIP and the Islamist Hamas movement – warned shortly after Israel ‘will pay the price for its aggression’in reference to a possible armed response that has now taken place.

Palestinian sources in Gaza indicated that the launch of rockets – the first response from the terrorists since yesterday – was coordinated by that Chamber of Joint Military Operations and it is not only from the YIP.

“The attacks of the unified resistance are part of the response process to the massacre committed by the Zionist occupation and are part of its defense of our Palestinian people. The response of the resistance is obligatory and constant against any aggression,” Hamas spokesman in Gaza said today. Abd al-Latif al-Qanou.

For his part, a senior Israeli Army official told international media that it is very difficult to combat the YIP because their military bases are close to civiliansbut who make “every effort possible” to attack while avoiding harm to “innocent civilians”complying with international standards.

Islamic Jihad is an organization fully funded by Iran. The rocket fire is a local initiative of the terrorists we attacked in Gaza, but the money and the ideological direction come from Iran and from some leaders in Lebanon,” said that source.

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