Skin care and makeup routines for everyone at Kwai

Beauty and skin care routines at Kwai (Photo: File) (Veronique Beranger/)

Learn to put on makeup and take basic skin care It is available to anyone thanks to the experts who upload videos on social media platforms where they teach how to do it. this time kuwai shared the most outstanding channels of the skincare.

Remember that having a routine of skin care with products, designed for each type of skin, help to enhance and balance the face to show off radiant and luminous skin that enhances its natural beauty.

More and more people are opening an account with the aim of helping others and telling all the tricks they know. From Kwai they recommend the following accounts on skin care and makeup to be informed of the world beauty:

(Photo: Kwai), is an account with more than 45 thousand followers that provides the best makeup tips for anyone to learn how to do from scratch. Therefore, if you are just entering this world, this account is the one for you.

makeup for everyone, one of the most complete accounts that has more than 837 thousand followers. In this account all the tips for makeup, hairstyle and skin care will be known.

Charles Morales teaches how to take care of the skin, showing different products and advice so that each day you have healthier skin. Carlos has more than 90 thousand followers and does not stop growing in Kwai.

(Photo: Kwai)

Candelaria Copello try out different makeup products and show how to use them. In addition, many of his videos show incredible makeup, not suitable for beginners. Candelaria currently has more than 136,000 followers and most of her videos exceed 20,000 views.

It is important that people take care of their skin with authorized products and combine it with a healthy diet and fluidsbecause only in this way can they obtain radiant skin.

(Photo: Kwai)

Profiles in Kwai to learn languages

For those who want to be polyglots and master several languages, the language learners in this social network will be of great entertainment.

Jenny Lu

Jenny Lu is the perfect option you are looking for to learn up to four different languages. Well, in this user’s Kwai profile you can learn English, German, Italian and French.

You will be able to tell the difference between these languages, a whole new vocabulary and even basic sentences in each one. Also, Jenny always tries to throw typical phrases of these four languages ​​for you to use with your partner.

Kwai's logo.  (photo: Olhar Digital)
Kwai logo (Photo: Olhar Digital)

Kiara Nakasonne

This Kwai user is dedicated to teaching Japanese, while also sharing interesting facts about his country. In Kiara’s profile you can learn adjectives, phrases, learn curiosities about the culture of Japan and of course, some typical dishes of the Asian country.

But most importantly you will be able to learn the immensely fascinating language and if you are a fan of anime, you will be able to see it in your profile with the original language, as a kind of test to know if you are learning from the classes in Japanese

If the whole Japanese culture interests you, you should definitely give Kiara a try and start following her account. Her short 60 second lessons are fun and very helpful.


At Kwai, there is something for everyone. This teacher from Brazil wants to teach her subscribers to speak Portuguese with confidence in a simple, fast and fun way. With interactive videos and in a more academic format, Hilda teaches her users the fundamentals of the language.

Kwai is a TikTok-like platform that hosts short, free videos for download on Android and iOS.


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