Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek criticized “false pacifists” who ask not to help Ukraine

Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizekone of the most influential philosophers in the world, criticized the “false pacifists” who ask not to help Ukraine militarily, and considered that the left should not align with the extreme right in the defense of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

In a telematic interview with the agency EFEthe 74-year-old Slovenian thinker advocated deliver arms to Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression and considers the argument that this step prolongs the conflict wrong.

Of course, giving arms to Ukraine prolongs the war. But what is the alternative? It is clear that the war would end quickly with a total Russian victory, with the occupation of Ukraine”, he pointed out from Ljubljana.

Zizek, who understands Russian, recalled that the propaganda broadcast on Russian state television shows the reactionary arguments with which Moscow justifies the invasion, such as the “demonization” of a Ukraine sunk in “a decadent Western lifestyle.”

“What bothers me about these pacifists is that they speak in general terms. Of course, we are all in favor of peace. But listen, are you also aware that peace always benefits the occupier?”, criticized Zizek, who charged against a “neutrality” that benefits the aggressor.

Vladimir Putin (Sputnik/Reuters)
Vladimir Putin (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)


The Marxist thinker, one of the best-known cultural critics and polemicists of the 21st century, considered that the war in Ukraine, which he defines as “neocolonial”, is the reflection of a global conflict.

In his opinion, Capitalism is in crisis and neoliberalism is retreating, while a “capitalist neofeudalism or authoritarianism” emerges, which, among other countries, represents Putin’s Russia.

to the political project of China finds him “neofascist” elements in his mix of technological modernity and social control. And he singled out the “neoconservative” political scientist wang huning as the true mastermind of the Beijing regime.

Wang Huning and Chinese Premier Li Qiang, with Xi Jinping (via Reuters)
Wang Huning and Chinese Premier Li Qiang, together with Xi Jinping (via Reuters) (POOL /)

Zizek’s bet against these authoritarian models is a European system “social democrat”, understood as one in which democracy is combined with some minimum vital guarantees, such as free education and health.


Zizek pointed out that part of the left sees “the West, NATO and the US military-industrial complex as the axis of evil”, and applauds those who oppose them. But that is “very dangerous logic,” he warns.

“I think that a new, multipolar world is emergingin which, while we must remain critical of the global neoliberal parliamentary order, we must nonetheless admit that even worse things can happen“, summarized.

And he stated that sometimes you have to unite to face a greater eviland took aim at the position of the left during World War II, when it fought against fascism despite its criticism of US imperialism.

“Some people on the left like to analyze how human rights and liberal capitalism mask exploitation, but they feel baffled when a leader openly advocates a new authoritarian order”, he reproached.

The thinker is very critical of some politicians from Die Linkethe German leftist party, which joined the far-right AfD in its demand not to intervene in the face of the Russian invasion.

“Their arguments are: why get involved in a war that is not ours? Why endanger the standard of living of our workers?” Zizek said, adding that he considers this position to be “brutal cowardice and selfishness”.

and remembered that Putin has supported all European far-right parties to weaken the European Union and, for this reason, he laments the “strange alliance” between a certain anti-imperialist left and the extreme right in his speech on the Russian invasion.

Vladimir Putin (Sputnik/Reuters)
Vladimir Putin (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

The philosopher, who in 2003 was very critical of the US invasion of Iraq, also considered a mistake the position of “neutrality” of developing countries, like braziljustified in part by the imperialist and colonialist past of the West.

Zizek acknowledges Western hypocrisy in many ways, but remembers that Russia and China are also imperialist powers and neocolonialism should be fought everywhereboth in Ukraine and in the West Bank under Israeli occupation.

For international relations to work, he says, we should all “speak the same language when it comes to concepts like occupation or freedom.”

“In Latin America It is also true that they have suffered from US imperialism for decades, and, according to that logic, they consider everything that harms the US to be positive,” he said.

The thinker shows his admiration for the Latin American left and singled out the presidents of Colombia, Chile and Bolivia, but noted that, in general, progressive movements should steer clear of “failed” projects such as those in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. “Those are failed projects, and the Latin American left should find the courage to give them up”, he concluded.

(With information from EFE/By Luis Lidón)

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