Snapchat introduces Layers of Memories and Explore on Snap Map

Now you can remember your favorite Snaps or visit unique places around the world with the new Layers that are coming to Snap Map

The company Snapchat announced earlier this year that it would add Layers to Snap map, making your social product more interactive. Similarly, the firm recently launched its first two experiences: Regards and To explore.

Snap map has been used to show people where their friends are currently (if they choose to share location), interesting places to visit, and which areas are most popular with Snapchatters.


Therefore, the memories will show you Snapchats old ones that you sent from particular places; So if you scan the map and zoom in somewhere, you might find a photo you took last year of a cute dog in the park or a quiet, relaxed afternoon.

The regards they are private and only available to the individual user; so you won’t be able to see the regards of your friends.

To explore

To explore reinvents the heat map, showing activity by relative volume on the Snap Map. You can tap on the highlighted regions to view public photos and videos submitted by users of Snapchat all over the world.

All the content that can be seen in the Snap map, has been proactively submitted for public viewing

These layers are designed to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, rather than bundling a ton of information together on a map. Snap partners such as Ticketmaster and The Infatuation are also developing slayers, which would show users where nearby events are happening or which restaurants are most popular with locals. Snapchatters.

The app also added the function My places this summer, recommending users places to visit based on where they have been, where their friends have been, and which places other users of Snapchat.

How to access Layers?

The Snapchatters will be able to unlock the Layers of Regards and To explore, as well as other Layers that will come to the platform soon, with a new menu button in the upper right corner of the screen of Snapchat.