Snapchat lets you share YouTube videos as stickers, this is the step by step

Share YouTube videos on Snapchat. (Photo:

One of the pioneer platforms in implementing videos or short stories is Snapchat, to be expanded later with more photo and video sending tools. Now, you have decided to integrate a service that many users will find very useful, that is, the videos of Youtube can now be shared directly to Snaps.

The platform announced in a blog post the integration of YouTube within its creative kit, which will allow users to attach YouTube video links directly to all of their Snaps. This feature is for Snap Stories as well as the feature for regular Snaps.

This is how you can share YouTube videos on Snapchat

For the application, No longer will you have to take a while to copy and paste the video url, because this feature is now available for devices Android and iOS.

the video you share it will be added as an additional item in the story you want to upload or Snap, and when some of your contacts and friends on Snapchat hit the button below the video that says “YouTube,” a tab will open that takes them directly to the video, either in the app or on the website.

Without a doubt, it is an easy tool to use, but if you still have doubts about how to do it, Infobae brings what needs to be done:

1. Open the app Youtube.

2. Press the button Share.

3. Select the Snapchat app within the list.

4. A link to the Snapchat camera will appear to take photos or videos.

5. Done, everything is OK to publish the desired Snaps or Stories.

A tool that will be very well received by all Snapchat users, since it will even be used to express how they feel and a better way to do it than the stickers in a YouTube video.

Snapchat.  (photo: Snap Inc.)
Snapchat. (photo: Snap Inc.)

How to share real-time location with some friends on Snapchat

In addition, Snapchat integrated a function for users to be more connected and “on the lookout” for their friends. Its about real-time location sharingintended to be used as a system between friends and family to check on the way home, to an appointment or to work, for example.

This new social network tool is similar to the Find Me app from iOSin which participating users can view and share your precise location. This Snapchat feature can be enabled for 15 minutes or a few hours and is only visible to previously chosen friends within the app.

Snapchat.  (Photo: REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo)
Snapchat. (Photo: REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo) (Lucy Nicholson/)

Live location sharing status is visible within the chat window with that friend. To share live location with a friend:

– Go to Friendship profile.

– To touch “Share my live location” under the “Snap Map” section.

– Choose by how long want to share live location with a close friend or family member (15 min, 1 hour or 8 hours)

Layer explores the Snapchat map (Photo: Europa Press)
Layer explores the Snapchat map (Photo: Europa Press) (SNAP /)

To stop sharing live location

– Go to the profile of the friend with whom you want to stop sharing live location.

– Touch “Stop” under the “Snap Map” section.

When the Snap Map is opened for the first time, the platform will ask the user to choose who they want to share the location with.

No matter who you choose you can always edit the list to add or remove members.

To modify location settings

– Touch the ⚙️ button at the top of the profile screen. There you can change who sees the location or hide it entirely with ghost mode.

Please note that changing the location settings may affect some Medallions.


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