So close to the clouds: A story that all of Mexico forgot

So close to the clouds, the new ViX documentary.


It is the story about the first Mexican team to play in a World Cup final.

Directed by Manuel Canibe and produced by N+ Docsin conjunction with Éramos Tantos Estudio Visual, Filmadora and Ruta 66 Cine, ‘So Close to the Clouds’ arrives this November 15 at ViXAfter being recognized with the Ojo award from the Michoacana Section at the Morelia International Film Festival.

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It has the participation of Martha Coronado, Irma Chávez, Yolanda Ramírez, Alicia Vargas, Patricia Hernández, María Hernández, Silvana Zaragoza, Lourdes de la Rosa, Elvira Aracén, Sandra Tapiaproduced by José Nacif, Hugo Espinoza, Manuel Cañibe, Christian Cañibe and Laura Berrón.

What is it about?

The documentary film ‘So close to the clouds’ narrates the forgotten feat of the Mexican soccer players that, a little more than half a century ago, on the morning of September 5, 1971, They made history by taking the Mexican Women’s National Team to the final of a World Cup in the imposing Azteca Stadiumafter a successful performance in two World Cup tournaments.

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