So you can adopt an axolotl with the help of UNAM

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has had an initiative whose objective is focused on the rescue and appreciation of axolotls and their habitat.

This is the international fundraising campaign “AdoptAxolotl”. Collaborators and students, led by Doctor of Science Luis Zambrano González, have been working for 20 years for the conservation of the axolotl, given the figures of the IB National Biodiversity Pavilion, which calculate 36 axolotls per square kilometer in Xochimilco. In contrast to past decades when the figure per square kilometer was in the thousands.

This campaign has two direct donation schemes:

• Invite an axolotl to dinner: at a cost of 200 pesos.
• Tune the house of the axolotl: cost of one thousand pesos.

It is also possible to adopt a specimen at home for a period ranging from one month to a full year. Additionally, informative posters, postcards and even the possibility of naming an axolotl or its home are offered.

The UNAM together with the chinamperos work in 48 chinampas refuges, which correspond to a little more than five linear kilometers of canals, where axolotls and other species can live without risk of threat.