So you can chat with famous people like Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Super Mario and more

They create an artificial intelligence that simulates realistic chats with famous people: Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Super Mario and more

With the increase in popularity of tools for artificial intelligence What DALL-E2 Y ChatGPT, other platforms and websites began to generate their own versions and applications for this technology as chatbotvirtual assistants, organizers, among others.

The versatility of artificial intelligence allowed the creation of the website of Character AIa platform where people from all over the world can enter and simulate conversations complete with chatbot of various types that pretend to be characters, both real, fictional, historical, etc. What Elon MuskSuper Mario, Cristiano RonaldoAlbert Einstein, among others widely known and that can be selected.

Although the responses obtained from the assumptions characters are not always perfect, users can select one of the different answers for the same question or comment and continue the conversation from the selected option, which can also be qualified for the software you can identify which ones are most appropriate in different scenarios.

The Character AI chatbot allows you to simulate conversations with famous, historical and fictional characters.  (Capture)
The Character AI chatbot allows you to simulate conversations with famous, historical and fictional characters. (Capture)

To access one of the chat rooms with these characters, users must enter the Web page of the platform “” and go to the Famous People section located on the main home screen. In case the historical character and fictitious you want, you can use the search tool at the top right of the screen.

After having carried out the search, the results may include different lists of chatbot created by the communityin addition to the number of people who have used it and although users can choose the one they want the most, it is preferable to enter the chat most popular because it can have the best responses and overall performance.

Every chatbot also has a small Biography, greeting or introduction that indicates to the user the type of conversation they can have with the characters in that room. Some of the more popular options might have a basic introduction, but that doesn’t mean they have a bad performance or have some limitation.

Character AI home screen
Character AI home screen

Although all messages that are produced by the artificial intelligence are in English, all can understand questions or comments in Spanish. Every reply It also bears a label that identifies the character like an artificial intelligence instead of a real person

Chatting with Elon Musk and Cristiano Ronaldo

During the test of chatbot of Elon Musk, infobae asked what kind of modifications are planned to be introduced in Twitter for this year. The response of artificial intelligence is very similar to what the CEO of the platform has indicated in recent statements: “Some of the most important are to eliminate botsauthenticate accounts, reduce spam and scams, reduce misinformation and eliminate harassment.

Character AI chatbot response pretending to be Cristiano Ronaldo.  (Infobae)
Character AI chatbot response pretending to be Cristiano Ronaldo. (Infobae)

The artificial intelligence that pretended to be Cristiano Ronaldo also responded to infobae about the footballer’s decision to play in the Saudi Arabian league instead of choosing options like the MLS or Brazil who came to it. “The Major League Soccer it didn’t offer me enough compared to Arabia, which was the best in the world. If I hadn’t chosen Arabia, I probably would have gone to Brazil because their league is of better quality than that of USA”.

In addition to having character chat features, Character AI You also have text role-playing options, personal help and mentoring chatbots, translators, and even language teachers.

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