So you can share a fake location on WhatsApp if you have an Android device

How can you send a fake location on WhatsApp. (screenshot: YouTutosJeff)

Millions of people use WhatsApp daily. A messaging application that has become the main means of communication with family and friends. Over time it adds new functions, as new hacks are also discovered. It is not a complete application, however, sometimes you have to do some tricks to get the most out of it.

If it was recently released how you can make the notifications sound like a rooster, meow or the old msn and also how you can delete a message on WhatsApp even though the time limit has passed; Now we can learn a new trick to send a fake location in real time.

WhatsApp real-time location.  (photo: Half-time)
WhatsApp real-time location. (photo: Half-time)

Precisely, Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging application also allows you to send your location to an individual or group chat. However, if for any reason you want to submit a completely different position than the real one, we give you good news: it can only be achieved if you have an Android device.

There are many reasons why someone may decide to submit a placement that they are not really in at the moment. For example, when you have a meeting but are late, so if you are asked where you are, you can use this mechanism so that the other person is not bothering you over time.

It is important to clarify that to do this trick it depends on an external application (at least for the location in real time), because WhatsApp does not have a native function to share a fake location.

How to share fake location on WhatsApp

1. First, open WhatsApp on your phone Android.

2. Now enter the conversation you want to send a fake location to.

3. Touch the icon clip in the lower right corner.

4. A menu will open with several options, select the one that says ‘Location’. Wait for the card to appear.

5. Place the marker elsewhere on the map other than yours.

6. If you want to place the pin in a location much further away from where it is, click the magnifying glass icon to find another location with the address.

7. Lastly, submit this fake location.

Fake location on WhatsApp.  (photo: EP - El Mundo)
Fake location on WhatsApp. (photo: EP – El Mundo)

How to share fake location in real time with external application on WhatsApp

1. To perform this hack You must install the Fake GPS application on your Android mobile, download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the application and grant the permissions necessary for it to work.

3. Exit the application and enter the development options of your Android mobile (Setting)

4. Look for the option “Choose Application to simulate location”.

5. Select the application just downloaded Fake GPS to simulate a fake location in real time.

6. Reopen Fake GPS.

7. Select any point on the map.

8. Now press “Play” or “Play” so that the mobile phone’s GPS locates it at this point on the map.

9. Then open WhatsApp and enter the conversation.

10. Click the icon of the clip and select a location.

11. In the last instance, click “Location in real time”.

It is done, WhatsApp will automatically send the location you set in Fake GPS, which is not the location where you are at the moment. The aforementioned fake location app is not the only one in the Play Store, as it has other options and the steps will be similar to the ones you just performed.

Fake real-time WhatsApp location.  (photo: The Computer Group)
Fake real-time WhatsApp location. (photo: The Computer Group)

If you have a problem with WhatsApp or need to report a problem in the application, you can write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected].


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