So you can share photos in maximum quality

Images that are not sent correctly are compressed and lose their sharpness, which harms editing work on them. (photo: Tecnobreak)

Sharing photos is a staple activity in the modern era of social networks and the development of hardware integrated into the cameras of the cellphones. However, the better the camerathe larger the file size of the image will be, and therefore it will have a high resolution.

Despite this, send the Photos that are taken, either with a smartphone or with a camera, can cause the image to lose its quality that it has because it was taken with a high-end camera. That is if care is not taken with the way in which they are sent and alternatives are not known that allow them to preserve their sharpness.

These are just a few channels through which people can submit their Photos without them losing part of their resolution in the process.

Share photos using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a useful tool for sending photo files in maximum quality as long as the maximum file weight of 16 MB is not exceeded on all its platforms, as indicated on its official website.

Send high quality photos by WhatsApp (Capture)
Send high quality photos by WhatsApp (Capture)

When a photograph is sent using the photos option, it reaches the contact in its compressed version, which implies a loss of image quality and, in the case of files to be edited, it is not convenient.

The option to send files, which can be accessed both in the web version of WhatsApp as well as in the mobile application, allows you to send photos without compressing them and, therefore, preserving the highest possible quality.

Share photos using Telegram

To send photos by Telegram there are not many differences with respect to the process that is done in WhatsAppalthough the main novelty is that on this platform you can choose if you want to send a compressed version of the file or not.

Send high quality photos by Telegram (Capture)
Send high quality photos by Telegram (Capture)

Users of the web version of Telegram they can click on the paper clip icon and select the option Document to send a photo in maximum quality from the device files. Once selected, a pop-up window which will allow you to choose whether you want to compress the file or not.

Similarly, on mobile devices you can send files without compression if you use the route Attach > File > Gallery. The last option tells the user to “Send images without compression” as opposed to attaching photos directly from the Gallery.

Share photos using Google Photos

If the user has saved their photos in the service of Google Photos sharing those images is much easier because it is done within that platform that does not compress Photographs to be able to upload them and, therefore, there would be no need to worry about the loss of quality when sending the file.

Send high-quality photos through Google Photos
Send high-quality photos through Google Photos

To do so, the user must enter Google Photoseither as an app or on the website, and click the share icon to open a popup where you can enter the email of the contact to whom the message is going to be sent. File, Archive.

Share photos using WeTransfer

This shipping tool records It’s free and easy to use on both desktop and mobile computers. devices mobiles. Is a Web page that allows you to upload photos to the cloud and use a link so that the contact that receives them can download them without any problem.

Send high quality photos by WeTransfer (Capture)
Send high quality photos by WeTransfer (Capture)

Once you have entered your web page,, you must click on the option to Upload files. Once you have selected the images you want to send in the pop-up window, click the Open button to start uploading the images. Photos.

Users have two options: Use a link, which will process the image and enable a link that can be copied and sent to all the people you want; or click on the button shaped like three dots “…” to make a email directly from the platform and send.


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