So you can use your Android phone as if it were a computer

Learn how to use your Android as if you were in front of a PC. (photo: Blog phonehouse)

It may sound incredible, but in less than 10 years the rise of smartphones has grown superlatively. From the touchscreen of the first iPhone (2007) to the foldable phone, mobile phones are becoming more and more useful, powerful and versatile for everyday tasks and even tablets are comparable to a Pc.

Therefore, it is already common knowledge that most mobile phones already have the ability to function as a computer for work. And of course, most devices Android they are already good enough to provide you with tools as if you were in front of a computer, and here we will show you some of the best ways to do it.

What you need to turn your smartphone into a PC

In recent times, many manufacturers have launched functions that allow us to use the power of the phone in an office environment, as if it were a PC.

Samsung DeX.  (photo: Xataka)
Samsung DeX. (photo: Xataka)

Lto app DeX Samsung allows you to use your mobile device like a PC connected to a TV. Same for other brands, like Huawei, Honor, LG, etc.

Connect a screen to your Android

Another important aspect to consider is the use of the screen. Although many mobile phones have extended panels, the experience of working in the office will always be better with a larger screen. In this case there is something very important to take into account, which is the possibility of connecting our mobile phone to the screen through the HDMI connection.

HDMI cable.  (photo: Aboutespañ
HDMI cable. (photo: Aboutespañ

There are many USB Type-C to HDMI converters available in the market, but not all phone brands are supported. To ensure that your connection works, you must take into account that the cable in question is compatible with the MHL standard. Most Android phones have it, but some big brands like Google and Xiaomi does not offer it yet.

Use an appropriate mouse and keyboard for the situation

Of course the main characteristic of a computer is that in addition to the interface it is often used with a keyboard and mouse, or trackpad for laptops.

Gamer keyboard and mouse for Android.  (photo: Yendry Cayo)
Gamer keyboard and mouse for Android. (photo: Yendry Cayo)

For this there are several alternatives such as buy a bluetooth keyboard and mouse bundle, or use a USB-C adapter to connect any device to the input of your smartphone.

Use your smartphone like a computer

Once you’ve secured the proper parameters for your desktop (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.), you just have to use the magic of the software. Here are two of the best options to convert your smartphone on a fully functional PC:

– Sentio Desktop

Sentio is a best fit option for you to convert your mobile phone to a PC. What it does is simply: transform your Android environment, with all its applications, into a desktop interface and space distribution.

Sentio Desktop application for Android.  (photo: Google Play)
Sentio Desktop application for Android. (photo: Google Play)

Sentio is completely free and technically it is nothing more than a launcher suitable for large screens. The best thing is that you can use the applications that are already installed on your phone in this environment and use them, for your convenience, on a much larger screen suitable for work, games, etc.

– Leena Desktop UI

Leena Desktop is the recommended option for users who want to avoid the most configuration and want everything ready to go in a desktop environment without too much complexity. The application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, although there is a paid version with more features.

Leena Desktop UI on the Google Play Store.  (photo: APK Pure)
Leena Desktop UI on the Google Play Store. (photo: APK Pure)

Its only drawback is that, being a completely separate environment from the Android system, it also runs its own native applications. And while you have a wide selection of social media, platforms, tech tools, and more, the experience may be too short for more advanced users.


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