So you can watch Apple TV + on an Android device

Apple TV on Android mobile device. (photo:

Apple TV + is one of those services that was born to compete with Netflix and provide users of the ecosystem of Manzana a place to watch high-quality movies and series at a reasonable price. In fact, Apple TV prices are among the lowest in the industry, despite somewhat reduced content. Of course, it is clear that today it cannot compete with platforms such as Netflix or Hbo, but it has some interesting series.

Apple’s movies and series platform, which also includes a subscription service, does not have a mobile application for Android, but rather an application for Android TV. Still, you can watch Finch, Swang Song, or Greyhound – in the enemy’s crosshairs on a smartphone (both Android and iPhone).

While Apple offers a great Android app for its music platform, this is not true for its video subscription platform: There is no universal Apple TV app for mobile phones and computers with an Android tablet. Android TV APK can be installed, but it doesn’t work on touchscreen devices. Although there is a common method: use your web browser. Its operation is not without its difficulties.

Apple TV +.  (photo: K-Tuin)
Apple TV +. (photo: K-Tuin)

Use your web browser to watch Apple TV + on your Android mobile device

There is no Apple TV + app available for Android mobile phones, but you can still access all the content on Apple’s site. Its use is very intuitive, the interface adapts to basic multimedia controls, the copy is of high quality and gives access to advanced functions; like subtitles and change languages.

In addition to playing Apple TV content through the browser and having access to movies and series purchased on Apple TV, the company also offers a web application to access the benefits of Apple TV as if they were an Android application. The process to access and view Finch, Swang Song or Greyhound and more, is as follows:

1. Visit from your Android mobile phone’s browser.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID. You need to allow access on one of the Cupertino-based company’s devices.

3. You may need permission to use web browsing with your card details. This is necessary for family accounts.

4. After accessing the Apple TV, you can play all the content from the browser, but the most convenient thing is to install the web application. Click on all three menu items and select “Add to Start Screen.”

With the web application, you will have convenient access to the entire Apple TV catalog without waiting for Apple to finally develop a native Android app. Its functionality is accurate, the playback is stable and of sufficient quality.

Apple TV +.  (photo: Plataformas.News)
Apple TV +. (photo: Plataformas.News)

How You Can Watch Apple TV + on Android TV

On Android TV, things get a bit complicated, but not too much. You will need to install an Apple TV compatible browser first and will need to follow a different guide. Here’s how to install Firefox on Android TV.

The first thing we must do is install a file manager, in this case we choose File Commander because it is very easy to use.

I searched File Commander on the Play Store from Android TV and install it. Once done, follow the steps to install Firefox.

1. The first thing to do is download the version of Firefox for Android TV in APK format from your PC. Download the latest version of APK Mirror.

2. Once this is done, Transfer it to a USB stick or microSD card and insert it into your Android TV.

3. Open File Commander and find the APK file you just transferred to your TV or Android TV device.

4. Click on it and open it, you will be asked for permission to install files from unknown sources.

5. Accept all permissions and click Install.

Firefox on Android TV.  (photo: Androidphobia)
Firefox on Android TV. (photo: Androidphobia)

Once you have it, you will only have to follow a few very simple steps to install Apple TV + on Android TV:

1. Open from your Android TV.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials. You can choose to trust the browser so you don’t have to re-enter your login or security code each time.

3. And voila, you have direct access to Apple TV.


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