Sofía Reyes is out of the loop; denies having said “nacos” to Grupo Firme

Sofia Reyes became the center of the Latin Grammy hurricane but not because of her participation on stage (she was an award presenter and walked the red carpet) but because in one of the corridors of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, she crossed paths with the members of Firm Group.

At the moment of crossing, the musicians are singing and celebrating their Latin Grammy while Sofia He walks past them and tells them a phrase that, although it is not clearly understood, many interpreted as “That nacos.”

Reyes received so much criticism on social networks that he had to write his version of what happened at that time.

According to the singer, what she did was join the celebration, although she left it unclear what she said to them.

“I am very out of the loop, tired and very upset. I would never express myself that way about anyone. On the contrary, he was celebrating them ”.

Firm Group It is at one of the highest points of its popularity and precisely this year it won its first Latin Grammy for Band Music Album.

Kings, for his part, he has just concluded a collaboration with David Guetta for the Spanish version of “Family”.

Regarding the controversy, Reyes ended his message like this: “Those who know me know that I would never say something like this.”