Sofía Rivera Torres breaks the silence about her relationship with the daughter of Eduardo Videgaray

Sofía Rivera Torres speaks for the first time about her relationship with the only daughter of Eduardo Videgaray, her husband

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Sofia Rivera Torres she never imagined herself married, let alone someone 23 years older than her; However, when she met Eduardo Videgaray54 years old, the television host knew that he was the man of her life.

Almost five months after their religious wedding, Sofia broke the silence about her relationship with Andrea, daughter of Eduardo Videgaray and Mónica Abíwho sadly passed away on August 31, 2017.

“Me I was terrified, because I know that it is a huge responsibilityand the truth is that I could say that I loved “Skwinkle” – as Andrea fondly calls her – before I met her, because the first date (with Eduardo) was in March and we already formalized the relationship in August, so It was a good time to get to know each other, talk to each other, to know about the existence of Andrea ”, Sofía spoke in an interview with Isabel Lascurain.

Sofía Rivera Torres and her relationship with her stepdaughter

“So when everything started to fall into place and I finally had to meet Andrea, I was also very afraid to say: ‘I know what this girl just went through, I know that she just lost her mother, I don’t I want to be the next woman who breaks his heart for being absent,’ then it seemed like a huge responsibility for me, ”shared the former inhabitant of La Casa de los Famosos México.

Despite Sofía’s fear, “the truth is that I won the lottery, with the whole family, Andrea is such a mature girl, so empathic, so sensible, so sensitive.…”, said. “This girl is different, I want to give her love and affection, she has given me only good and beautiful things,” she added enthusiastically.

Finally, “this does not mean that the relationship is always easy, that is totally another thing… I have never regretted and never doubted my decision, that is, I am sure that I am exactly where I have to be and with whom I have to be ”, revealed Sofía Rivera Torres about her marriage with Eduardo Videgaray.