Sofía Rivera Torres launches a tremendous blow against the public and ex-inhabitants of LCDLFM

Sofía Rivera Torres launches statement


Sofía Rivera Torres did not have the necessary support from the public to remain for a long stay in La Casa de los Famosos México. She became the second eliminated of the season, behind only Marie Claire Harp.

The expulsion of the wife of the driver Eduardo Videgaray was not friendly at all, since he got out of lawsuits with several of his LCDLFM colleagues, including two of the “strategists” of the competition, Sergio Mayer and Negris poncho.

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The conflict was triggered when Sofía decided to change sides and went from occupying the fourth hell to heaven, something that her former roommates saw as a “treason” and launched a campaign to remove her from the competition.

Sofía was not satisfied with the results and expressed it in a fiery publication on her social networks in which she openly stated that she was not in favor of the way certain ex-inhabitants handled themselves, including her biggest rival, Sergio Mayer, who was fourth finalist of The House of Famous Mexico.

In the middle of the final gala in which she was the winner Wendy Guevarawrote a statement in which he said:

“For weeks they saw how other participants were attacked, their reputations, their trajectories, their prestige… and the public applauded. Then they began to mess with families and family histories, the most intimate and precious thing that a human being has. They inside attacked the memory of relatives who are no longer with us while the fandoms attacked even the young children of some participants… and the audience applauded”.

It seems that Sofía’s disagreement erupted due to the public’s disagreement over the plan that the members of “Team Infierno” had to divide the winning prize of four million pesos.

“And, now that they want to take your money, do they get angry? Now it seems to you that taking money is crossing a line? There is no doubt that money brings out the worst in people and the public, like them, also made itself known. No one who is outraged by this fact, and not by the previous ones, has the right to judge them, ”he said.

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In the Instagram post, which received more than a thousand comments, he continued by saying: “I will not have gained 3 million followers or won the 4 million-peso prize, but I advanced my career with integrity, fortitude and the values ​​that characterize me. Without giving in, without betraying myself and without being seduced by any amount of fame or money.

And he concluded by going for the jugular with several: “Today more than ever I treasure these people who follow me and accompany me in my career and in my life. My ‘followers’, whom I refer to as my cyberfamily, share my values. Those who follow me are noble, cultured people, with a sense of humor (and therefore intelligent), but above all they are people with reason. #TeamSofia was always the one that did not belong to the sheep because whoever has the ability to think and question things, we are the most difficult to manipulate”.

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